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Right now you can’t turn on the TV or even Facebook, Twitter, or instagram without seeing the devastation in Australia.  We are happier than ever to be partnered with Reid Bikes who is giving back to their community - and helping the world in the process.  We all know that trees are the “lungs of the earth” and its important that we keep our forest and woodlands healthy. When they are not healthy we need to help them heal. 

Eden Project

For every Reid Bicycle sold this year Reid bikes will be planting a tree and helping to ensure the future. Big corporations need to take note of this and step up!  


Thanks to Reid for being proactive

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  • Reid Bikes

    Hey Joe Mama Cycles!

    Thanks for sharing our message, we think it’s important not only to go outside and enjoy the outdoors by bike but to do our part to sustain it also.

    We’re so happy to have you on board as a retailer of our bikes, sharing the same message and doing good in your community.

    This also isn’t just a one-year thing, we’re planning on planting a tree for every bike sold moving forward, as it isn’t a fad and needs continual and collaborative effort to combat it.

    Happy New Year, let’s start this decade off right together!

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