Kids grow so fast...

We know how quickly kids can grow, one minute they're small...
father and son on bicycle with child seat

We want to grow with them.

Our buy back program gives up to 50% back towards their next ride.
Family Bike ride on beach

Buy Back Program

As parents, we understand how quickly kids grow and what was perfect last month is suddenly too small. Keeping up can be expensive. We decided to start the buy back program to keep those young riders rolling on the best fit for them. 

Childrens bicycles purchased at Joe Mamma Cycles, will be eligible for our buy back program. Within 2 years of initial purchase, Joe Mamma will buy back your Childs bike for store credit up to 50% of the original purchase price** (to be used towards the purchase of your next bike). 

Used Childrens bicycles will be inspected, serviced and sold to new owners at a discount. 


 50% back for bicycles in good used condition. Buy back bicycles are subject to a full safety inspection and Joe Mamma Cycles reserves the right not to purchase unsafe or damaged bicycles back.


Sharing our passion

Our love of riding has been passed on to our kids and we hope that the thrill of accomplishment when riding your first bike and that first taste of independence when riding continues to grow with each generation.

When we were kids a bike equalled freedom and that sparked a lifelong love of cycling that we hope to comes accross in all we do at Joe Mamma Cycles.

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