Why Joe Mamma Cycles does "Ottawa Helmet Day" differently

Ottawa Public Health promotes "Helmet weekend" in which they encourage citizens to wear bike helmets, and learn what to look for and where to purchase a helmet. Joe Mamma cycles agrees this initiative to promote wearing helmets, education and access to buy them. We feel that the implementation of Ottawa's Helmet Weekend would be more effective if instead of discounts, we work to get helmets to those who may not be able to purchase them.

The City of Ottawa encourages all retailers to offer a discount and has put the cost of the discount on the retailer.  We are not reimbursed for these discounts - it comes out of our profits.  It is our profits that allow us to give back to our local community. Joe Mamma sponsors many amateur athletes and events at our local schools and the Ottawa area.

In response to Ottawa's Helmet day program we will, again this year, do our "Get One/Give One" program which donates one helmet for every helmet purchased to those that otherwise could not afford or would not have access to a quality bicycle helmet. Joe Mamma will be keeping track of how many helmets we sell on  Ottawa Helmet Day and we will be donating one helmet for every helmet (regular priced) purchased.

In the past we have donated helmets to excellent programs like, Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EROC) for their cycling seniors with dementia program. Trips for Kids Ottawa who promote interest in outdoor recreation by providing outdoor activities like mountainbiking for those kids who would not otherwise have the opportunity. Cycling without age reconnecting seniors with their communities and nature by taking them for a bike ride.  We are proud to help those that are less fortunate than us and believe that our one for one helmet better serves our community.


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