Things are not Normal

It seems that we live in a different world than we did 6 months ago. We no longer high five or shake hands, we now keep our distance and wipe everything that we come in contact with. 

Joe Mamma Cycles was quick to respond to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We have added many new process’s and rules in order to maintain a safe work environment and to keep our clients safe, well before our government acknowledged us as an essential service.

Below is a list of some of the changes around the shop that you will find this year. 

General Store Info and Changes: 

Joe Mamma Cycles Rules For Entering The Shop

  1. No more than 2 Groups of 2 People may be in the store at any given time
  2. You must remain an appropriate distance from all customers and staff
  3. Please be patient and ask for assistance. If you do touch anything on display DO NOT put it back. Place it in the floor and let us know so that we can disinfect it in the appropriate manner
  4. Understand that we are not running at normal capacity and therefore will not be providing the same level of service you are used to. If you have questions or inquiring about products or services we ask that you email us at or use the chat feature of our website.
  5. If you have had any symptoms of Covid-19 or have returned from travel within 14 days GO HOME! You are welcome to come back after your quarantine period
  6. Our hours of operation are changing as we try to adjust to the communities needs. Please keep an eye on social media for our most up to date notifications. 

Tune-ups and Service. 

  1. Tune-ups must be booked ahead of time online
  2. Small service such as flat changes call ahead to arrange drop off time 
  3. All service (excluding tune-ups) is subject to a $10 handling fee  - every bike that enters the store must be disinfected when it arrives and before it leaves to ensure everyone’s safety.  This added precaution means that everything is now a much larger job than normal.  
  4. Curbside pickup and drop off. If you’d rather leave your bike out front we will provide you with a unique combination to our lock to leave your out front, and we can offer this upon pick up as well. 



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