Joe Mamma has added to the family!

This year we are happy to announce that Joe Mamma Cycles has a new offering!  We are excited to be selling Reid Bikes.  Reid is brand based out of Australia that has seen rapid growth over the past 10years.  With bikes that are focused on value and price we are now able to offer lower prices in categories than ever before.  

About Reid: ”

Imagine back in 2009, you wanted a bike and one of your mates told you – there is this guy called James selling brand new bikes from his garage for a couple hundred bucks. Of course, you would check it out – and you would end up testing a bike on the nearby lane. At times, there would be more than 20 people riding up and down that lane and most of them bought a bike! These original Reid bikes sold like hotcakes and there was a waiting list for the next shipment with customers happy to wait to grab one. In 2013 Reid had catapulted into one of Australia’s leading bicycle brands with stores in all the major cities.”


Our first shipment of Granite 1.0 have arrived and will be going fast.   At the low price of $639.99 for a gravel bike we are excited to see these out on the streets of Ottawa and the bike paths and gravel roads throughout the Ottawa Valley too.  

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