Joe Mamma Cycles suspends Race BMX program.

It is with a heavy heart and a lot of deliberation that Joe Mamma Cycles has decided to step away from race BMX.  Over the past 14 years Joe Mamma Cycles has done its best to support the race scene in Ottawa as much as we can and we will always be available for repairs, tunes, and special orders but with lack of support from distribution, and suppliers we feel that we can’t offer the service that we were known for.  


Joe Mamma Cycles was there form the beginning at meetings with the city of Ottawa to re-open the now Ottawa BMX to seeing Nepean BMX become one of the busiest tracks in North America.  


As racing has changed so has the business, through lack of availability of parts and the over saturation of direct sales we feel that we can better focus our business on repairs and service for the race community.  Many companies have over saturated the market with direct sales and we feel that we can no longer afford to compete the system as it is currently being handled. 


It is a is a hard decision as BMX roots are in racing, and we will always respect that without racing there would be no freestyle (park or street). Joe Mamma Cycles will continue to carry our large selection of freestyle bikes and focus on service.  


A huge thanks to Nepean BMX, Ottawa BMX and Gatineau and all the riders; and know that we are always here to help when we can.  


We we are clearing out all remaining race inventory at 20%off  below is a list of the few remaining bikes.  



Dk octane pro xl  Reg. $1399 now $1099

Dk swift junior Reg. $499 now $399

Swift mini 1 red 1 black  Reg. $499 now $399

Swift micro mini black  Reg. $499 now $399

Haro annex mini  Reg. $499 now $399


Jose Bray 

Joe Mamma Cycles 

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