Everyone Wants a Gravel Bike!

It’s with good reason that everyone wants a gravel bike; they offer a much more versatile platform. If you want to ride with your family, or take a solo adventure a gravel bike can do it all.  

Gravel bikes stemmed from the versatility of cycle-cross bikes; but left the twitchy geometry behind for something with a more open cockpit to stretch out and be more comfortable. Usually spec’d with drop bars they offer a comfortable cockpit that allows you to be slightly more up right like a hybrid but with a quicker drivetrain more like a road bike. When you combine this with the higher volume tires you end up with a bike that is ready fro almost anything you can throw at it. 

Here are a list of some Joe Mamma favourites (that are available now too!!) 

1. Absolute GR - This bike is one that we put together in-house.  With a lack of available affordable gravel bikes (that are good value). We took on to make one our selves. This bike is setup with disc brakes, a double crankset and drop bars - features found on most of our highest end gravel bikes but in an affordable package for $1099 (these bike are house-built and are currently not available on-line) 

2. The Search FB - a flat bar option for those looking for the more classic seating position of an urban bike or a mountain bike. This comes in at great price given the spec. ($1599) 

3. Fairdale Weekender - What do you get when a bunch of BMXr’s build a gravel bike? - one of the funnest gravel bikes you will ever ride.  The Weekender nomad has 650b wheels for those that want to spend more time off the beaten path - or even the MTB trails.  A super fun and forgiving bike this is great for the weekend rips through the woods or those back road camping trips  

4. Search S1 - Keep it real with steel!  This full Chromoly frame/Carbon fork is ready to hit anything you can throw at it. Its fast and yet light weight and durable. Great components all around, this is a bike you will be as happy to ride years form now as you will be the day you ride it home. 

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