Covid 19 and Bicycles

Covid-19 (Corona virus) has lead many people to “rediscover” the joy of riding their bike.  Whether you are looking for a replacement to the gym, or just an escape form your home (or the people that you are in close quarters with), a bicycle is a great way to escape and bring back the joy and freedom that can only happen on two wheels.  This resurgence of cycling has put a strain on the bike business that we have never seen before. 

As a bike shop (not a generic sports store) Joe Mamma Cycles has been excited to be able to start to replenish our inventory with models of commuters form Norco and Fairdale as well as many great bikes due to arrive from Surly. We are getting ready for next season, and getting you setup with trainers and spin bikes to keep you on your bike all winter.  

With the infrastructure issues that the bike industry has suffered there is no time to focus on anything else. We are excited to be offering better and faster on-line service and have a lot in the works to up our game in these difficult times. Keeping our clients all over the world on bikes and being able to safely move about is our focus. Joe Mamma cycles is taking advantage of technology that is available to us, so that we may be able to offer the same great service that everyone knows at the shop to our on-line shop and around the world. 

Stay tuned for more info on exciting news. 

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