Happy New Year/Resolution Time

As we say goodbye to last year and ring in the new one, many people use the milestone to mark their own new beginnings. They 'resolve' to be better, do something new, quit something. Whatever those "somethings" might be, it's usually about being healthier, eating better, getting fitter: usually. The other thing that many New Years Resolutions have in common is that they don't always work out.

So I could go on and on about how you can bolster your will power & be more organized in your approach to achieve that lofty resolution... But I won't. I suggest a new plan. Find a way to do the things (that are good for you) that you already enjoy, only more.

Sometimes mother nature is against us, it's too cold, too windy, too... Winter. We've got to compromise and improvise. If you like to run, your bundle up or find a treadmill. If you like to swim, you find a pool. If you like to BMX, you find an indoor park (hrmm :/ ) If you like to ride, you bundle yourself up & winterize your ride, or you find a trainer - or rollers. 

Do what you can to recapture the fulfillment you get from the things you like to do.  "Every journey begins with one step." or something like that... There's no need for grand overtures.  Just be you, and if we can help you get there, words of encouragement, advice, gear, well nothing would make us happier.

Cheers & Happy New Years!!

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