Holiday Gifting Ideas

Cooler weather heralds the upcoming holiday season and no matter what you celebrate it's always nice to spoil the bike lovers in your life. Sometimes it's easy to know what new part/gadget/upgrade is on the "wish list" but when it's not, we're here to help.  We'll break it down into smaller categories to help you hone in on the perfect gift ideas.

For gifts under $50 Pedals, Grips, Brake Cables and Chains come in a variety of colours (like all of them!)  so you can find just the right match or accent colour. Check out ODI longneck grips, 1664 Linear Death Cable  KMC 410 Chain & DUO resi-lite pedal all great options for easy and fun gifts. For those who ride street, Pegs are also a great gift idea, the Eclat Venom Pegs or sleeve for example.

Over $50 get's a bit trickier for BMX, because there's a lot of rider preference and compatibility that comes into play, so it's not a terrible idea to ask for a wish list or opt for a Gift Card... That being said, we wouldn't leave you hanging. Tires are an easy upgrade that can shed weight, add colour, traction, the list goes on; basically a great gift idea try the Eclat Fireball Stroke, Eclat Fireball Stevie Churchill or Eclat Ridgestone Slick to name a few. In addition new safety gear like G-form pads are also super popular; they are flexible and lightweight with amazing technology that stiffens on impact to dissipate energy. See our selection of G-form Pro-X pads (now machine washable - wink wink). 

Gifts under $50 in this catagory... there are SO many options!! If you're looking for smaller items (that could potentially fit into a stocking) have a quick look at the Axiom Tweak8, Knog's super fun POP light (which comes in enough options to please everyone).  Muc Off Lubricants are designed to keep your bike rolling smoothly and are sure to be a hit with the Bike enthusiast on your list.  Of course we can also suggest the Joe Mamma Gift Card. 

Over $50 the gifting landscape is just as exciting! For the year round (or almost year round) rider Endura Gloves and Merino Socks both warm and thoughtful. If Fixies and Single Speeds are more his or her speed may we suggest the YNOT pedal straps, or a HipLok.  We have some beautiful Brooks grips and Saddles a gift that continues to get more comfortable with time. The Abus Bordo lock is also a really cool gift as it's strong compact, lightweight and flexible with new folding lock technology. 

If we nothing we've suggested here seems like just the thing, our in-store staff is loaded with bike lovers and we've got heaps of suggestions and insights to offer. 

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