Lazer MIPS P'nut and Nut'z Helmets

Lazer has raised the bar for safety with the addition of MIPS technology (multidirectional impact protection system)to some of its helmets. The MIPS Brain Protection system was developed by a Swedish neuroscientist to address angled impacts or oblique impacts and rotational forces to the brain. 

Put simply, by mimicking the brain's own defence system against the violence of angled impacts or oblique impacts MIPS can dramatically reduce the amount of damage your brain could endure in an impact. The addition of a low friction layer that slides has been shown to reduce impact and minimize brain injuries by transferring some of the rotational energy from angled impacts. Some studies show reductions of upwards of 30%.

This exciting new technology is available in select Lazer Helmets including the Lazer P'nut MIPS and Laser Nut'z MIPS Helmets. It is actually the helmet we chose for our little two year old. It's so easy to take on and off with the autofit retention system (you literally just hold open the cradle part and place it on their head, regardless of hair-do, no fiddling required) Any parent knows too well any extra fiddling with hats or helmets often means "I'm not wearing this!".  As you can see by the big smiles the Nutz MIPS is a hit at our house. It feels good knowing that we're taking advantage of all the available technology to protect this guys noggin'!


Watch this video to see MIPS explained by its development team.

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