Spring tune up time is here, do I need one?

Hooray!! Spring is here, officially and unofficially!! The streets are clear and for many of us it's time to dust of the bike and get out on two wheels again. Maybe you've had your bike stowed safely in a basement or garage, maybe it's been locked outside, maybe you've ridden well into, or right through winter. If you're not quite sure whether or not you need a tune up, we've got a few things to share that may help you decide what to do.

  • Check your brakes. Squeeze your brake levers, does your bike still move? Brakes are a critical safety system and it's important that they run at full power.
  • Are your wheels straight? Flip your bike upside down to rest on the seat and handlebars. If you stand directly above the wheel and spin it, is it a solid line? or a wobbly line? Ottawa roads with all the bumps and potholes can put your wheels out of tru. (depending on your brake type, straight wheels can improve braking)
  • Your gears are sticky or not shifting just right. This can be a tell tale indicator that your bike is in need of some TLC, it's important to keep your gears running smoothly so you don't have your gears slipping or your chain falling off.
  • Things feel a bit wonky? Handlebars a bit loose? Seat turning a bit? Tires feeling a bit flat? These are all simple fixes but if they're loose what else may be, best to have a safety check.
  • Was your bike outside? Ridden or even just locked up, winter has a way of stripping your bike of lubrication and even worse road salt can really do a number on your bike.

If you've been through our list here and still aren't sure what's what, don't sweat it. Our staff would be happy to have a look and assess your bike.  We can let you know if it's just a quick tighten and lube you need, or if your bike needs a full tune up.   Call us anytime 613-564-0459

TUNE UPS BY APPOINTMENT: Set the date you want to bring your bike in and pick it up quickly, just 2 days (peak season). This means you can keep your bike longer and get back on it sooner. 

NO SURPRISES: If we discover an additional work that needs doing our policy is to call you first for approval before the work is done.

THIS IS WHAT WE DO: With over 10 years of experience we've got a great team and we love what we do.


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