Who/What are the Bike Fairies?

The idea struck me a few years ago when I met a 10 year old boy that did not know how to ride a bike. I was teaching kids bike safety at a local elementary school when I met a boy that was not impressed and told me that "bikes are stupid".  It was later brought to my attention that he didn't have a bike nor did his siblings due to his family situation.  This has stuck with me, and I felt had to do something.  I shared my sentiment with my friend and cycling enthusiast Chevon Walker of the Ottawa Red Blacks he was in agreement that we needed to do what ever we could to for as many kids as possible. Please indulge our aspirations by reading our mission statement and helping out with the cause.

Mission Statement

Bike Fairy(ies) works to provide bicycles to children who would otherwise go without one.

Vision Statement

Bike Fairy(ies) vision is that every child will get to experience the joys and freedom of having their own bicycle.

If you asked most adults about their first bike, they will reply with a fond nostalgia. Riding a bike is a rite of passage for most kids and their bicycles open up a new and exciting world one that reaches beyond the boundaries of their house.  Fun, outdoors, adventures and freedom are all embodied in this one object.  

Sadly some children are left behind for one reason or another. Bike Fairies work within the community to give bicycles to those kids whose families are unable to provide one. Connecting through schools and community groups, bikes will be provided.  

We will accept donations of used children’s bikes and through our partners refurbish them to meet the needs of their new owners. Bikes can be gifted anonymously or in person, whichever ensures that a visit from the Bike Fairy(ies) leaves a lasting positive impression. 

Cycling is a great activity for children and as our passion shows, a love of cycling is never outgrown. Bike Fairy(ies) vision is that every child will get to experience the joys and freedom of having their own bicycle.  



Donated bikes must be in a condition that allows for affordably refurbishing. We do not expect bikes to be perfect, but that we can get them into safe riding condition with minimal costs.  

The Bike Fairies Currently run at a loss to Joe Mamma Cycles and we appreciate any donations that you wish to make.  


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