What to buy for the Cyclist on your list?

Shopping for a cyclist can be simple!  Here is a list of guidelines on shopping for the cyclist.  

1. Lube!  We all use it.  If we have some we will need more soon, so it's a safe bet.  (not available on line - It can be messy to ship)


2. Grips! Again they wear out and we all need them.  Just take note of what colour the bike is and we will match it up for you!


3. Trainers! Whether you are a roadie or a commuter it's great to keep the legs spinning over the winter.  Let us get you set up with  a great trainer (or rollers) so they can ride in there home all winter long.


4. Gift cards. Play it safe and go with a gift card.  We can make it for any amount. It can used a little bit at time, or all at once let your loved one decide. 


5. Let us decide.  Take a picture of their bike and or riding gear.  We all like better stuff as cyclists and we can figure out what would be the best route to go for whatever your budget is.  



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