To Tune? or not to Tune? 5 questions that will help you decide

Trying to assess whether or not you need a tune up this year? As the snow melts (it's going to melt eventually right?) and the layer of dusty snow is peeled back, it's clear that it's definitely time to get the bike out. Maybe you've babied your ride and it spent the winter in a warm basement or maybe it's been locked up outside.... Click Photo for details on our "Mamma" Tune up!
Either way, here are a few questions to help you decide if your ride needs a little TLC from the shop at Joe Mamma Cycles.
1. When squeezing the brake levers, can you roll your bike forward? Brakes aren't totally infallible but this may be an indicator that your brakes need adjusting or even your cables need to be replaced. Just like in a car Brake function is a critical safety system - best that they're running at 100%.
2. Flip your bike upside down and rest on the seat & handlebar, now if you spin the wheels on your bike and look at them straight on from above, do they appear a solid line, or a wobbly line. Over bumps and potholes your wheels can get out of tru. Minor wheel truing is included in our Mamma tune up and can make your brakes function better (depending on the type) and also give you a smoother ride.
3. Your gears don't shift perfectly. This is a tell-tale indicator that your bike needs a bit of TLC, it's easy enough to fix and you'll prevent any dangerous situations like gears slipping or your chain falling off (always the worst!)
4. Your Bike has been outside all winter. Ridden or locked up; chances are, the elements have done a really good job removing all lubrication from your bike - or worse - nasty road salt could be doing a number on your precious ride. A tune-up can go a long way to making sure your bike makes it through to the next spring, it's worth it to bring it in.a
5. Things feel a bit loose... Are handlebars out of whack, seat turning a bit as you go? Tires not so plump? This is a simple fix but if they are loose, what else might be?? Best to bring your bike in so that it gets a full safety check.
If you asked yourself these questions and you still aren't sure - don't despair - our staff can take a quick look* and determine whether or not you're in dire need of a full tune up, or if you can just give things a quick lube & tighten & set on your way again AND Joe Mamma Cycles have got one of the fastest turn around times (especially during peak season) in Ottawa.  Make sure to call first (613-564-0459) so that if you do need a tune up, we've got a spot for you!
Why Get your bike tuned up at Joe Mamma Cycles?
  1. We do all our Tune-ups by appointment; we're expecting you, & will have staff ready to assess your bike and take it in to the shop.
  2. If everything is normal/as expected you'll have your bike back in 48hrs. 
  3. If we discover any additional issues - our policy is we'll call to have any additional parts and labour approved, no surprises at the register.
  4. We've been doing this for 10 years & have an experienced team. 
So call us, set a date & bring in your ride so that you can enjoy the city on two wheels again!!

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