Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is right around the corner and it's our chance to show Dad just how much we appreciate him. Dads are the ones we call for help, Mr Fix it, the person who brushes us off when we fall & encourages us to try again, teller of really bad jokes and all around favourite guy. 

We've curated a collection of items that we think Dad would like, super stylish, with a bit of tradition and of the course superior quality Dad deserves.

Brooks has been making cycling gear in England since 1866, and they've got some great finds for Dad in their lineup. The Cambium C17 seat gives Dad the comfort of a Brooks saddle with a bit of innovation; the Cambium seat is made from vulcanized rubber so it doesn't require the same care & up keep as a regular Brooks saddle. The addition of Brooks grips elevates the aesthetics and feel of your bike immediately. Treat Dad to a set of grips- available in lots of colour options. Brooks P1 hand pump takes necessity up a few notches looking like a beautiful relic from days gone by it conveniently accommodates both schrader and presta valves and can pump up to 100psi.  

The Abus Bordo Centium is a beautiful reimagining of their very popular folding lock the bordo. One piece lock body in brushed stainless and leather detailing on the bike mount make this a standout.... also presentation being important the wooden box elevates this lock to total dad-worthy-dom. 

Of course if you're not 100% on what exactly your Dad needs, we always have the Joe Mamma gift card.  

This year on June 19th if you can spend some time with your Dad & if nothing else - give the big guy a hug.



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