Walking the Dog with Bigfoot.

So one of the best perks of being a bike shop owner is getting to "test ride" anything I like just about any time I like, the novelty of which wears off about December. This year, however, we've got the Norco Bigfoot. So if you've got the inkling and a dog who's not bothered at all by winter -like my dog Stella- it's a great way to burn off some puppy energy and take in some pristine winter sights on two wheels. 

My Gear: 

  • Norco Bigfoot (Large)
  • Sunglasses - a must! or goggles if you've got em.
  • Snowboarding Jacket/Pants - windproof & breathable clothing. 
  • Gators (Chinook) to keep my pants out of the chain
  • Gloves 
  • Joe Mamma Toque & Helmet
  • Long Dog leash 

What I forgot:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Face mask

So after all that I must say that I'm totally hooked! It's great to get out riding in the winter without traffic, and the greyish brown of traffic slush. The peaceful solitude of cross-country skiing with the familiarity of my favourite way to get around: two wheels.  

You can come by the shop and see the Bigfoot (we've only got a couple left) but to make things more interesting we'e throwing in a pair of snowshoes from Chinook when you purchase a Bigfoot this month.

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