Indoor Training, - What you really need to know.

It’s that time of year when many riders start to think about riding trainers or rollers  (also known to some as trainer season).  Riding indoors is not the best way to ride a bike but it can be enjoyable and help keep you in shape (or get in shape).  Joe Mamma Cycles offers a range of affordable trainers from Tacx.  From the  Vortex for those looking for more performance training to The Blue Twist for those just looking for something affordable to burn some kilometers/Calories.   Here are a few points to keep in mind when you are thinking about trainers.

1.Remotes are important! – A trainer with out remote resistance adjustment will not simulate riding.  Contrary to what most think changing your gears will not change the resistance enough to simulate riding on the road.


3.Wheel block for the front wheel will keep you in a proper riding position and not diving over the bars! Joe Mamma Cycles includes one with every trainer purchase in store.


2.Pads help keep things quite!  If you live in an apartment or will be using this anywhere other than a concrete floor trainer pads will help dampen the vibrations/sounds that the trainer will make – Higher end trainers are quieter but not silent


4.Training tires save your rubber for the road.  If you are going to ride regularly on a trainer than a trainer tire is a must!  Regular tires do not last on trainers too long so if you want to keep them for outside then use a trainer tire – they will last years of punishment on the trainer.


5.Keep your floor clean! – No one likes to talk about the sweat and the smell of training but if you are doing it right there will be a lot!  Keep a towel under you when you are on the trainer to keep the floor clean and save it from the damage that the acidity of your sweat will do! 


Training is easier for some than others, I have struggled with staying motivated in all different types of training.  I have listed a few tips that have helped me keep going when on the bike trainer.


1.Stay motivated-Challenge your self and keep it realistic.  Ride or 1/2 hour - 45 min for your first attempt; check your average speed and total distance and try to beat it the next time you ride, and keep building/challenging yourself.


2. Map out your favourite rides so you can simulate them in the off season. You can also map out and download the file through google maps - Give a tour stage a try ;)


3. Compete - Got friends that are training? Challenge them.


4.If all else fails put on the TV and catch up on the episodes of the Game of Thrones

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