Back to School

Ottawa is a Government city, but it's also a student town! With the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and Algonquin college, Ottawa has a lot of students. What better way to get around than by bike. Ottawa has been working hard to improve its already great cycling infrastructure and is able to offer easy/safe routes to get almost anywhere in the city. As Ottawa's urban bike and commuter specialists Joe Mamma Cycles is happy to offer some great Back to Schools specials over the next few weeks for all those looking for a great deal as they head out on their own for the first time or those returning to classes.

From affordable bikes, super bright lights, to the Best bikes locks an the market Joe Mamma Cycles has everything you need for Back to school.   


Can't make it to the shop?  You can buy online and have your son or daughter pick up in-store ready to ride with 2 years of tune-ups, just click in-store pick up and let us know who will be picking it up.

Affordable Bikes

-Evo River Sport

-Del Sol Projekt 8 




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